University of California, RiversideUCR

2015-2016 Committee Members   

School Years 2016-2017

Committee Member Association Major
Jon Cassell (Chair) ASUCR 2017 General Biology
Hayden Jackson (Vice-Chair) ASUCR 2018 Political Science
Elan Bark ASUCR 2017 Business Administration
Wen-Yu Chou ASUCR 2018 Biochemistry
Dalshawn Boson ASUCR, VP of Internal Affairs
2017 Business Administration
Beau Young (Alternate) ASUCR 2018 Microbiology
Jordan Meltzer ASUCR 2017 Business Administration
Ruby Ramirez ASUCR 2018 Business Administration
Kevin Tseng ASUCR, VP of Finance 2017 Business Administration
Zizhong "Jeffrey" Chen Faculty  
Richard Rodriquez Faculty  
Sook Yi "Jaymee" Goh GSA Comparative Literature, PhD
Derreck Carter-House GSA Plant Pathology
Jose Medrano GSA Spanish, PhD
Sally Tavizon Staff  
Hector Linares Staff  
Cathy Eckman VCSA  
Debra Meneely VCSA  
Brandon Lieu VCSA, Secretary 2018 Business Administration



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